Welcome! This site is home to the Music & Media Study Group for the American Musicological Association. The study group received official recognition from the AMS in 2017.

Our 2017 session will take place at the AMS national meeting on Friday, November 10, 2017, from 12:15-1:45. After receiving nearly three dozen abstracts for this year’s session, we have chosen the following program of 20-minute papers followed by 10-minute Q & A periods.

Paula Bishop, “Performing the Performance: From Country Music Radio to Rock ‘n’ Roll Television in the Early Career of the Everly Brothers”

J.D.H. Gabrillo, “Constructing the Philippine Lowbrow: The Musical Variety Programme Eat Bulaga!”

Dani Osterman, “Disentangling the Sound of Modern China: The Reappropriation of the Guqin in Hero.”

The session will also include a call for nominations to the program committee for the period of 2018-21 (two members) and and for one officer position (2018-21).

Our co-organizers are Kendra Preston Leonard [kendraprestonleonard at gmail dot com], Dana Plank-Blasko [danamplank at gmail dot com], and Jessica Getman [jgetman at umich dot edu]. Please feel free to contact us with ideas or questions.